Monday, December 22, 2014

Harper's Christmas Wish List {Infant}

Even though Harper can’t tell us exactly what she would like this year for Christmas, we have some cute gifts ready for her! 
MinnieMouse Touch N’ Crawl //  Daniel and I were out shopping and thought this would be cute. She seemed to like it when we were in the store too J  Harper so close to crawling, so maybe having a little friend with help her out!

Placemat//  Hadleigh & Hayden both have this placemat already, so I had to get Harper one!

LearningHouse //  Super cute wooden toy that she can enjoy now and when she gets a little older.

SleepSack //  Harper has almost outgrown the one she uses now, so we bought her one that she can use until she’s over 2.

Kids Learning Touch Smartphone //  She loves playing with our phones, so I snagged this one when I saw it for sale at $7.99.  It lights up and has a bunch of different settings.  I’m sure she will love it.

What are you buying for your infant?    
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