Friday, October 17, 2014

Harper Months 3-5

Harper is 5 months, wha what?!  
Harper is a busy body for sure. She’s rolling over both ways, sits up on her own for the most part, and sits in her bumbo.  We also put her in the activity jumper, her kickin’ coaster, and the activity mat on the floor - but she gets bored pretty fast.  Those activities maybe last a good 5 minutes before she’s whining to get out.  
She is very social and loves to be talked to by anyone.  She will give you smiles all day long.  She’s laughing, but it’s hard for Daniel and I to get a laugh out of her. Now Hadleigh - she laughs at Hadleigh all the time. She smiles at Hayden, but Hayden is more concerned about holding her hand than making her laugh.  They both love to give her kisses - we still constantly have to tell them to leave her alone and to give her some space.
Harper is madly teething!! She chews on everything and she’s started wanting to feed once in the middle of the night/morning.  It’s fine though because I nurse her and she goes right back to sleep.  Sometimes it’s as easy as putting her pacifier back into her mouth.  Overall she is a good sleeper.  Between 8-8:30 every night she starts to get tired, so I feed her and lay her down in her crib.  If the girls aren’t around she will take 2 good naps during the day, but if they are around she might get one good nap in.  There’s too much distraction when her older sisters are there!
We’ve started her on some solids - she gets cereal and 1 food a day.  She’s had pears, which she does not like. She has had sweet potatoes which she will eat.  Just like Hayden though, she’s not super into the food just yet.  It’s funny cause she stares at what we eat all the time!
Last doctors appointment at 4 months she was almost 16 pounds
Size 2 diapers
No teeth
6 month & 6-9 month clothing
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  1. How cute is she!? My 2nd was the same way with laughing, only our oldest could get her to!

    1. Thanks!! I finally got her to laugh the other night, we'll see how long it takes before I can do it again! ha!