Friday, October 24, 2014

Disney on Ice: Frozen

We've had a busy and fun-filled fall so far!  We started the season with Disney on Ice presents Frozen!  I think everyone’s kids are into Frozen, and mine are no different.  The movie, the songs, the dolls, the shirts - they love it all.  I actually don’t mind any of it either, so that’s a plus considering we hear it all the time :)

We got to the coliseum a little early and grabbed something to eat.  The girls ate a little, but they were more interested in the show starting.  All the little girls were dressed up like Anna & Elsa which was super cute!  I definitely slacked as a mother in that department - although they were wearing Frozen shirts.  The costumes or dresses would have been cute!  

The first 30 minutes were a waste as it was just 2 women talking and interacting with the crowd, but after that was great.  The girls loved seeing all of the characters skate around!  I expected the ice skaters to be singing as well, but that’s not what happened.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were just lipping straight from the movie.  It was nice because that’s what the kids know and would recognize.  The ice skaters just skated and acted out what was happening.  The girls (even Harper) were engaged the entire time! They loved every minute and didn’t ask to leave - so it was a win overall!  

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  1. So fun! We're heading to Disney on Ice Frozen in January and I cannot wait!!