Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Fall Bucket-List Re-Cap

Just to remind myself (and everyone else) what my Fall Bucket List looked like – here she goes:

We didn't quite get everything done on our list, but most were crossed off!  We didn't get to the DC Aquarium & Zoo because of the Government shutdown.  So, it looks like we’ll push that off to 2014 sometime.  We did go to the VA Safari Park since our Zoo trip was cancelled.  We went to a very small "pumpkin patch" at a local vegetable stand, but I cannot find the pictures! Does that count?  There was plenty of football watched in our house, but we didn't have a party :(  

Here’s a list of the Fall Activities we DID get to this year! 
VA Safari Park


  1. I am a goal-oriented person and love to make bucket lists for the seasons too!!

    1. you should come back and link-up your bucket lists! We'd love to see it!

  2. That's great that you got most of it done! I will definitely have to remember this link up!