Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Painting Pumpkins

A few days before Halloween, we decided to let the girls paint their own pumpkins.  I thought carving was too much for them.  Daniel and I would end up carving and they wouldn’t be as involved as they would want to be. So Paint it was!  Last year, I let Hadleigh put stickers all over her pumpkin so I wanted to do something a little bit different.
Hadleigh really enjoyed it.  Every time the paint would get “low”, she had to get more.  Hayden was interested for a few minutes, but then lost interest.  She was more interested in walking around and playing with the push car, so Daniel ended up finishing hers up.  Next year Hayden will have a lot more fun for sure.

 Can you tell what Hadleigh's favorite color is??

After we finished painting, we went inside for a lunch picnic.  While the girls ate, we watched Cinderella.  I love having picnics on our living room floor J

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  1. Aw how fun, they turned out so cute! We were thinking about painting pumpkins but totally spaced it.
    Picnics in the living room are the best :)