Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas 2011

(This has been sitting in draft status for a long time, and I just forgot to hit publish...oops!)

We had a great Christmas! We all got spoiled and had a lot of fun with both of our families. Since I was taking pictures most of the time, Dada helped Hadleigh open up her gifts.  She loved ripping the paper :)

We celebrate with Daniel's parents and brother on Christmas Eve, so Hadleigh had a few more gifts to open before Santa's big arrival!  She loves loves loves her new pink bug <3

Christmas morning we woke up and saw what santa had brought Hadleigh.  Video of Christmas morning has already been uploaded to Youtube if you want to see how she reacted.  She especially loved the kitchen.

We had a busy day ahead of us, so we left home and went to my parents for breakfast and more present opening.  This was probably the last year we will do this since our kids will be getting older - mom and dad will have to travel to us starting next year.  Hadleigh had lots of fun with her toys and playing with Erik and Jaxson.

This picture cracks me up and will be shown to her boyfriend down the road ;)

We finished the day at Daniel's parents where his entire extended family gets together.  It was a good time, although I wasn't feeling the best.  We did manage to get a Harris family picture.

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  1. Hahaha as soon as I saw that last picture of her, I was like, future boyfriend beware LOL!