Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lewis Ginter Play Date 8.12.11

I ended up meeting 3 of my girlfriends at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, so we could all catch up and so that all of our kids could enjoy each others company.  All together it was Hadleigh and I, Kristy & Lily, Jess, Irelyn, Evan, & Griffin, and then Jen, Kara, & Easton.  I never realized how many activities they had for kids.  All of the kids really enjoyed the water play area, well except for Hadleigh. I think that's because Hadleigh is crawling and all of the water shoots up from the ground. After we let the kids play around in the water, we all sat down for a picnic.  It was so nice to have the kids pretty much occupy themselves while us 4 moms got to chit-chat and catch up.  I can't wait to do it again!
Hadleigh for little bit she was in the water!





Griff & Hadleigh

Irelyn, Evan, and Kara!

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