Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kristy's Last Fling!

AK and I planned Kristy's bachelorette party for Saturday 8.20.11 - we had so much fun getting all the girls together for some fun before Kristy ties the knot!  We rented a minibus for everyone, so we had a DD to all 3 (yes, three!) wineries :)

 Our first stop was James River Cellars.  They have some great wines, including one of my favorites, Chambourcin.  While we were there Rvabuzz was filming, so we were mini celebrities for the day. No. Big. Deal. After James River, we headed to our next winery.  It was a little longer of a drive, so we decided to shower Kristy with gifts!

Next stop: New Kent Winery.  It was beautiful, but a lot of us weren't as impressed with their wine tasting.  I'm sure they have other wines they offer, which are really good.  But the wines they have you taste, aren't the greatest.  We did snap a few pictures though!

Our last stop on the tour was Saude Creek.  We all had so much fun here!  It was the last stop, so needless to say we were a bit rowdy :)  They had a great selection of wine, so I can't wait to head back!

We all relaxed a bit back at my house before leaving to go to dinner.  Kristy picked Buzz & Ned's (we tried to talk her into something else, but it didn't work!). 

We all had so much fun celebrating with Kristy! I cannot wait until her big day in September!

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