Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keeping Score

Well...Sleep is still pretty good, but we're trying to make it GREAT (doesn't everyone?).  Anyways, Hadleigh does sleep well.  I rock her to sleep at night and then lay her in her crib.  She will usually wake up whining, and Daniel or I will pick her up and just bring her into our bed.  Now that she's getting closer to 1, I figure we should probably break the habit.....

Hadleigh - 3             Daniel and I - 1

But who's keeping score right? (ha).  We started this last Friday 7/29 and it started out good, she whined for about 40 minutes and then put herself to sleep.  She woke back up 2 more times and we stuck to our ground.  The 3rd time she woke up Daniel caved and brought her in bed with us.  He mentioned that as long as he could sleep he was fine and that truthfully, he really liked cuddling with her in bed.  Of course I melted, and just went along with it (yes...I'm a sucker.)  
The past few days have been tough.  She falls asleep (and I mean to the point where her bippy falls out of her mouth asleep) and I go to lay her in her crib and she wakes right back up.  So for 2 nights I fought with that same routine over and over for about 2-3 hours.  Which ended with Hadleigh being in bed with us cause I was tired.
Wednesday night I decided to jump back on the horse! She whined for 20 minutes, and then literally sat in her crib, in the dark for another 20 minutes very quiet.  No problem. I got this!  She ended up falling asleep in a really weird position, so I went in to move her and BAM! That's when this horrid smell hits me.  Great.  No wonder why she was quiet for 20 minutes... So needless to say we lost this night because I had to change her and give her another bath...Which woke her right up.
Thursday night was a success!  She whined for a little bit, but then fell asleep on her own.  She woke up twice and whined, but we both stuck to it and both times she put herself right back to sleep :) Let's hope Daniel and I get a few more wins on our side...but who's counting? ;)
Hadleigh with her na-night

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