Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lunch with some gAls

It worked out that a few of us girls got to do lunch the other week.  Mary, Kristy, Lily, Morgan, Jen, Kara, Easton, Hadleigh and I :)  We all met at O'Charley's and had a nice but hectic lunch.  Mary & Morgan might have left that lunch not wanting kids for a while!  It definitely was a lot different than most of the get togethers we are all used to.  Not much conversation as Kara, Lily, and Hadleigh were all over the place.  It was fun and so nice to see a few of the girls -especially while Mary was in town for the day!
Baby Easton & I <3

Mary & Hadleigh

Kara & Lily

Kara & Lily playing on the floor

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