Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kelli's 30th Birthday

The night before Kelli's 30th (yep 3-0!) the family all got together for dinner.  We all met at Kelli and Chey's house and we had a delicious dinner - pesto chicken!  It was so good - definitely going into the dinner rotation.  We all just watched Erik & Hadleigh play, which is always fun.  We had some carrot cake to celebrate and then we were home to get ready for bed.  Kelli said 30 was just another day - I hope I feel as if it's just another day when I get there!
Cutie Jaxs!

Hadleigh & Erik playing in Jaxson's bed!

crazy cousins

Hadleigh might grow up to love cars just like Erik!

Gramps and his boys




Erik getting Uncle Daniel with kisses!


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