Saturday, January 1, 2011

Legendary Santa

We took Hadleigh to see the Legendary Santa at The Children's Museum on December 12th.  We got there around 9am, so we could get there and it not be toolong of a line.  We ended up having to wait an hour and  a half but it went by pretty fast.  Chey, Kelli, and Erik met us up there so we could get a picture of Hadleigh and Erik on Santa's lap.  Gran & Gramps and Nana & Papa also came to join in as well :)  Hadleigh did great - no crying, but we didn't really get much of a smile out of her either.  Erik was good until we got up there and then he wasn't happy.  He didn't cry, but was not smiling at all.  We got them both red, black, and white plaid outfits, so they would match a little - so cute!
Afterwards, we took some pictures throughout the museum where they had Christmas decorations.

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