Monday, January 24, 2011

Hadleigh's 4 month Check-up!

Hadleigh had her 4 month check-up on her exact 4-month birthday - 12/29/10.  Daniel and I both went this time, which was really nice.  She's doing great - got good reviews all around!  We love Dr. Winters, she always is so sweet and makes sure she answers all of our questions.
Weight: 13 pounds 11 ounces
Height: 24 1/2 inches
I believe she's in between the 50-75% for both height and weight. 
We asked a couple of questions like when to start her on solids, which Winters said to wait until 5 months for cereal.  Hadleigh also favors looking to the right, so we just have to make her look to the left a little more.  She'll look to the left, no problem, but just not as often or as natural as looking to her right comes.

I knew Hadleigh should have been rolling over by now, but every time we give her "tummy time" she gets so frustrated after 30 seconds that she just gives up on moving around.   So we told Winters about this, she said it was fine.  After she was done checking Hadleigh over, she laid her on her stomach and what does she do? She rolls over for the very first time for the doctor! Figures - she's a show off! :)

After her appointment, she had to get 5 shots :(  Since I took her by myself at 2 months, I let Daniel have the honor of holding her while she got them.  Oooo she was mad!  Poor thing - she's more vocal now all together, so she cried a lot louder and harder than she did at 2 months.  I hate when she has to get shots.

Here are some pictures I took of her on her 4 month birthday!

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