Friday, October 9, 2015

First Day of School

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen the girls’ first day of school pictures, but if not – no fear! – I have them right here for you!  We made sure to pack lunches and pick out outfits the night before, just in case we were feeling a little rushed.  That morning was great – everyone got up fairly easy, got dressed, and headed out the door without some bribing (which is what goes on some mornings.)

Hadleigh started Kindergarten and was very adamant about riding the bus.  She did amazing – no tears were shed at all.   We let her ride the bus, but Daniel and I met her up at the school to see her walk in.  If she wanted us to walk her to her class we would have, but she caught up with a friend from preschool and was 100% fine.  I walked away proud, but still shed a few tears. 
Hayden started her 3 year old preschool class.  She will be in there for the next 6 months before they move her to her next class.  She has amazing teachers and it is a familiar place to us, so I wasn’t worried too much.  It was a little bit of an adjustment being in a new class and now going to school every day versus three.  Hayden still gets upset in the morning when I drop her off, but she has great days.  I’m sure she forgets about me 2 minutes after I walk out of the door!
We started Harper in the 18 month classroom 3 days a week.  I was so worried about Hadleighs transition, that it didn’t really give me time to think about Harpers.  Plus, Harper is a social butterfly so I knew she would adjust well.  I was right.  I sat her breakfast down at the table and she immediately walked over to sit at the “big girl” table to eat.  I gave kisses and told her bye and she looked at me and waved!!  Totally different than Hadleigh & Hayden!  She loves it which makes for a happy mama!

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