Monday, November 17, 2014

State Fair 2014

This year we took the girls to the State Fair twice.  We didn't have enough time to let the girls enjoy the rides on our first visit, so we came back a few days later.  We enjoyed seeing the animals - Harper was amazed.
 Hayden even rode one of the ponies there!  She was so cute and very brave, but towards the end she was done.  Hadleigh wouldn’t step foot near it!

  We ate some of the horrible (for you) fair food and even indulged in some ice cream J
excuse the blurry iPhone pictures!!
Hadleigh & Hayden both got bow & arrows that they had been asking us for several weeks before.  
fair = GREAT excuse to wear your cowboy boots!
Hayden wanted nothing to do with the rides, but Hadleigh had a blast.  Her favorite was the fun house, which was her favorite last year as well.  She went through that several times.
  It was so fun seeing them so excited about the rides and the games.  Daniel and Baba played some of the games with the girls and even won a few goldfish.  The goldfish lasted maybe 3 hours after we got home?  Once we transferred them into their tank, they were gone within an hour.  Apparently, Daniel and I are really horrible at being goldfish owners. Oops!  Hayden didn't notice and Hadleigh took the news really well.  She didn't even bombard us with 1000 questions.  I think we will just stick to the games that have the stuffed animals as prizes next year!

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