Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hayden's first month

The first couple of days were tiring, but good.  Hayden is a really good baby and she likes to eat!  Hadleigh loves her baby sister, but it was definitely an adjustment for her in the beginning.  Hadleigh was whiny for the first week or so.  After that first week she's done really well with the attention being split and loves to give Hayden attention herself.  She wants to hold and hug and kiss Hayden all the time.  Hadleigh always looks at Hayden and says "hiii baby" :)
When Hayden was 2 weeks (on my birthday 8/4 actually) we had a bit of a scare.  After we had gotten home from my birthday dinner, Hayden started projectile vomiting shortly after I had fed her.  She didn't stop until everything was out of her little tummy and was vomiting stomach acid.  I had called her pediatrician and she suggested we get her checked out at St. Mary's.  They checked her over, gave her an ultrasound and an x-ray of her stomach to rule out the more serious conditions.  Everything came back normal thankfully!  The ER doctor was awesome and said it probably was just a bad case of acid reflux.  He even called me the next day to see how Hayden was doing - which I loved.  I started feeding her upright, keeping her upright for 20-30 minutes afterwards, and then trying to get burps out of her since she isn't a good burper.  It definitely helped, but wasn't 100%, so we got her on some Zantac and I cut dairy out of my diet.  We've had a few projectile incidents, but it's only been once she's thrown up when she does it.  The combination seems to help, and she's gaining weight.  At her 2 week check-up with her doctor she was already 9 pounds 3 ounces :)
Hayden smiled for the first time on her 1 month birthday 8/24!  She's a very smiley baby and loves to be talked to.  She's waking up only once during the night to eat now and does a pretty good job of going right back to sleep.  She's a cuddler which I love and hope she stays that way.  She does have a "fussy time" which is around 7-8pm at night.  Some nights we get lucky and it doesn't happen, but other nights it will take her 30-60 minutes to calm down.  We think she just gets herself so worked up and tired that it's hard for her to calm.  The bippy is key to calm her down - what can I say - our girls love that bippy!
Daddy and his girls <3
Sleeping beauty
I'm awake!

bippy sister love
1 month picture!

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