Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who Needs Rest?

I do apparently.  On 4.19 my doctor told me I needed to be off my feet as much as I could from here on out.  The cramping and contracting wasn't getting any better after taking the antibiotics for the bladder infection.  Which hints that none of the cramping was due to that, SO rest it is.  We aren't talking strict bed rest.  Right now I'm working from home Monday - Friday, where I am sitting/laying while doing work.  I can still do things, just modified and/or resting right afterwards so I'm not stressing my body too much.  So far things have been going well.  I still have cramps and/or contractions and I can definitely tell if I've overdone it in some way.  I'm already getting antsy as I'm in the house all the time.  I'm grateful that Hayden is doing great and moving all the time, that I'm still able to work from home, and that I get to see Hadleigh more throughout the day. Crossing my fingers now, things stay about the same so I'm not put on strict bed-rest or bed-rest in the hospital.  13 more weeks to go (that is, if I went to a full 40 weeks)!

Update as of 5.16
I've had a few doctor's appointments since I first started this post (it's been sitting in draft, oops!).  Everything is still looking good. I had another bladder infection, so I've been on another round of antibiotics. Hayden is doing wonderful - she's long and skinny and already weighs over 3 pounds, which by the way is more than what my update e-mails from baby center tell me babies are at this point!  I received an ultrasound last week just to check on her and my cervix - which is still long and closed - exactly what they want to see.  We got some good 3D pictures of Hayden - Her face isn't as round as Hadleigh's, it's more long. BUT she does look like she has her nose and lips.  I can see Hadleigh and myself in the ultrasound pictures, so we shall see!  The last couple of doctors appointments her heart rate has been 151 give or take a few beats.

10 weeks to go unless Hayden decides to make her appearance sometime before!

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