Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 & cute puppy pictures

We had a busy Mother's day this year!  It was a gorgeous day filled with lots of food and spending time with family.  We started the day at Aunt JuJu's house for brunch with the entire Harris side of the family.  It's always nice getting together with them, and they just love seeing Hadleigh.  Daniel's uncle bought 2 puppies for his family a few days prior, so they were there too.  I got cute pictures of Hadleigh with one of the puppies - every time she saw them she would say "aww" - love.her. We ate, visited, played outside, played on the putt-putt green in the backyard, and Hadleigh rode around in the golf cart.  She's a little obsessed with the golf cart.

We had a little downtime to hang out just us three for a little while before we headed to Ashland to have dinner with my family.  Dinner was yummy although Erik and Hadleigh weren't too interested in eating.  They had a blast playing with each other.  Jaxson played a little too!  Hadleigh had reallly stinky feet from wearing shoes with no socks, and she had put them close to Erik's face, so Erik said "ewww stinky piggies!"  She thought that was the funniest thing!  They kept doing it over and over and Erik had Hadleigh laughing so hard her face was red.  She loves her cousins.  We had some dessert after dinner before leaving for the night which was really good, thanks to Ukrops! :)

I'd say my second Mother's Day was a hit!  Can't wait until next year when I get to celebrate it with TWO little girls <3

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