Monday, October 24, 2011

Europe Trip Part One!

I had the opportunity to go to Geneva, Switzerland for work.  I am working on a data project within our organization, and one of the main reasons for the project was Europe.  Daniel and I knew we wouldn't have this opportunity again, so we made it into a little getaway for us.  Although I did have to work 3 days, we still got to see some pretty amazing sights.  We left on Friday 9.30.11, plane ride through the night, and got into Geneva Saturday morning.  We went straight to the hotel to check in and to take a quick nap before meeting up with Mathilde and Steve.  I was starting not to feel well, but I really thought the nap helped.
Mathilde and Steve picked us up and took us to Chamonix, France.  It's the home of Mount Blanc which is the highest point in Europe.  They prepared a nice lunch that we ate in town, and then Daniel and I rode the cable cars up to the top to see the most amazing views!

Then Mathilde and Steve took us to see Mathilde's hometown of Megeve, France. Daniel and I both absolutely loved her hometown.  It was so pretty and quaint.  We got to meet her mom and dad which was really nice since she has come to stay with us over the years.

We then left to eat dinner, but unfortunately I started feeling really sick again so I wasn't able to eat.  The next 2 days I was laid up in the hotel room :( NO FUN!
Monday night I was finally starting to feel a little better, so Daniel and I ventured out in Geneva to find something to eat.  We ended up at a fondue cafe, which was soo yummy!

We were able to see a few sights around Geneva before we left...
Mount Blanc from Lake Geneva

Famous Flower Clock - it really worked!

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