Saturday, October 15, 2011

1st Day of Preschool!

On 9.12.11 Hadleigh started Preschool at Trinity United Methodist Church.  We actually were pretty excited for her to go to preschool and get some interaction with other adults and children.  She goes 2 mornings a week and she seems to have a lot of fun.  Daniel works from home on the days Hadleigh has school, so he can drop her off.  It's only 9-12pm, so Nana picks her up from school.  She cries sometimes when Daniel drops her off, but her teachers are really sweet and one of them already has Hadleigh pegged as her "cuddlebug".  So she immediately takes her and hugs on her when she gets fussy.  They play, have snack time, do a craft, music class, and then have outside play.  It seems to be really good for her (except for the picking up strep throat within the first week of going).  Our babygirl is growing up so fast already!!
Here are a few pictures I took the morning before her first day!


  1. Morgan - she loves it! She still cries every now and then when Daniel drops her off, but she has a lot of fun!