Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hadleigh's Actual Birthday 8.29.11

We didn't have power in our house because of Hurricane Irene, so we ended up taking Hadleigh and the dogs to Nana & Papa's house to enjoy the day in AC :)  Nana and Hadleigh had a blast with the toys and animals at their house.  I got off work early, to be able to spend some time with the birthday girl!  I took her to The Children's Museum location in Short Pump.  Hadleigh really enjoyed the area that is blocked off for kids her age.  She was not a fan of the cow that "mooed" really loud, and the train that rides kids around in a circle.  Maybe when she gets older she will enjoy!  After the museum, we went and picked Dada up from work so we could come home and open gifts!  For Hadleigh's special 1st birthday dinner, we took her to her favorite place (and one of Mama's) = Chick-fil-a!  She enjoyed some chicken nuggets, french fries, apple juice, and a few bites of a peach milkshake.  I think she had a great first birthday and I can't wait to see how much she's doing at her second! <3

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