Thursday, September 15, 2011

12 months! 8.29.11

We have a toddler! We have a ONE year old! What a year, what an awesome year!  Hadleigh definitely keeps Daniel and I on our toes, which I'm sure it's not even the beginning :)

 Doctor Stats:
Weight: 23 pounds 4 ounces (88%tile)
Height: 30 inches (90%tile)
Head: 19 3/4 cm (95%tile)
Her year check-up went great - no complaints at all and she said we were doing everything we were supposed to.  She also said her vocabulary is advanced - children at 1 usually only have 1 word down, which I thought was super low. She still only has 8 teeth, but Dr. Christian said her 1 year molars were coming in, so any day now!

Hadleigh's sleeping has been wonderful.  She goes to bed around 7pm every night (maybe not on weekends as much) and gets up for the day around 7am.  She usually wakes around 5:30-6 to get her bottle, but then goes back to sleep for a while.  We can't complain!

She's still crawling to get to different places in the house.  If it's within close vicinity, she will walk while holding onto a piece of furniture.  She's taken a few steps on her own, but still falls to her butt.  She will stand on her own and bend down, but not full out walking.  She totally can do it - just not confident in herself yet.

I still buy the organic squeeze fruits and veggies.  She can be picky sometimes, so it makes me feel better that I know she is getting some in her little belly.  Hadleigh is a texture girl, so somethings she refuses to eat.  She mostly gets table food, unless I'm giving her the squeeze fruit or veggies.  She loves lima beans, which is beyond me cause I'm a texture girl too and I hate them!

Du-Du (Duke) Which is so funny cause this is what Erik used to say too :)
Wow! (The best thing she says!)
She will say "ba" or "bi" for her bottle/bippy

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