Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Months and Physical Therapy

3.29.11 - Hadleigh was 7 months!!
Another month passed - goodness!

We get comments all the time on how good Hadleigh is and how she is such a happy baby.  She really is.  She smiles all the time and pretty content for the most part.  You still have to work to get her to laugh, but it's great when you find something new to make her laugh.  Usually, she laughs that first time and you go back to do the same thing 2 days later, and she's unimpressed.  She makes us work for it!

She sleeps great still.  She now prefers to be laying on her side.  She'll be waking up and moving - I'll set her on her side with her pacifier in her mouth, and boom she's asleep.  I don't have to console her or pat her butt or anything. 

She has 2 teeth on the bottom and I'm pretty sure a third is going to make an appearance anytime.  Her gums are pretty swollen in one area, so I'm thinking it's that third tooth.  So cute - the two she has are both on the bottom. She's still chewing on everything and everything goes in her mouth.  Nana bought her this teething toy that vibrates, which Hadleigh loves.

Hadleigh still refuses to roll over on her own.  When we went to out 6 month checkup, Dr. Winters told us if she wasn't rolling over on her own by 7 months to give her a call.  Soo...we're at 7 months and nothing.  She recommended us go to the Physical Therapist. She wasn't concerned, as all babies develop at different times, but she wants to take an aggressive approach so there's no delays later on.
So far we've been to 2 PT appointments (3.30 & 4.6).  The first visit was hard. She definitely cried - we were in a new place, she didn't know the guy working with her, and he's making her do things she doesn't want to do.  He told me there's nothing wrong with her neck or hips which is great news.  He also told me that Daniel and I need to start making her do things on her own (in less words we spoil her).  He did say after working with her that she is very strong-willed and stubborn (hmmm....doesn't help her that mom and dad both carry these traits).  He gave us some things to take back home to work with her on.  Today was the second physical therapy appointment.  She cried harder and got even madder today.  The Doc did say that he definitely notices a difference, so we need to keep up what we're doing and he wants to see us next week.  She doesn't roll over on her own, but she flips with a lot more ease when you try and assist her.  She also can sit up on all fours and rock back& forth which is the step before starting to crawl! Woohoo!! I know we will have our hands full., but I know she wants to get moving!

Hadleigh's daily routine (roughly):
6-6:30am - wake up for the day & drink a bottle (6 ounces)
Takes a little cat-nap usually before Nana comes
Nana comes at 7:30 - Daniel and I leave at 7:45ish
She takes a morning nap somewhere in here
Eats cereal & a fruit and drinks water in sippy cup at 9-9:30am
She will play and maybe have a small catnap
Drinks a bottle (5.5 ounces) 11am
Playing with toys / working on therapy moves
Eats cereal & veggie and drinks 4 oz. - 1pm
Drinks a bottle (5.5 ounces) - 3pm
We feed her a vegetable, fruit, & drinks a bottle (4 ounces)
She'll either be up playing or take a small cat-nap
Bath (every other night)
Change into pajamas, read a book, drink a bottle (5 ounces)
Daniel and I rock her to sleep and then put her in her crib for the night!

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