Monday, February 7, 2011

Kristy's Birthday / Girls Day!

Kristy's Birthday was 1/27 so some of the girls decided to come in town that weekend.  It's always so great to see them.  We all met at Kristy's house before going to lunch at Trackside Grill in Ashland.  The group was: Kristy, Lily, Jen, Kara, Sarah, Cara, Ragan, Morgan, Hadleigh, and myself  We had a nice lunch just eating and talking about anything and everything.  After lunch, Sarah and I headed back to Kristy's to hang out a little longer.  I had to feed Hadleigh and change her clothes, and I happened to bring an outfit (not on purpose) that Lily also had the same of! So we had to take some pictures of the best friends :) They might just hate us when they get older!  We then met up again for dinner and some drinks later that night.  Kristy, Sarah, Ragan, Cara, and myself all went to Belly Timber.  It was a good time as always! Katrina even came out for a few minutes.  We were ready to leave, so everyone came back to my house so we could continue talking! I love my girls!

  Here's the pictures of Lily & Hadleigh in their matching outfits <3

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