Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2nd Mommy Group meeting 1.30.11

I hosted the mommy group at my house this time.  Daniel and the dogs went and hung out at his parents house so the babies and mommas didn't have to worry about 2 big dogs running around.  Unfortunately, we didn't have as big of a turnout as the 1st time.  I think I'll try to plan one more and see what the turnout is - if it's still low, I might kill the idea - I don't know.  This time only Tori & Addi, Nikki & Chloe, Brandy & Easton came to play.  Easton has a little crush on Hadleigh cause he was making the moves on her while sitting next to her on the couch! So cute!  I just realized while uploading the pictures, I don't have any of Nikki & Chloe! Next time I'll get some :)
 Addi hanging out in the bouncy - "heeeeyyy"
 Addi gossiping with Hadleigh
 Easton just chillin in the swing

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