Sunday, May 9, 2010

What we've been up to...

I'm going to take it back a month, since I haven't updated in a while.  We went to the river for Easter weekend - it was so nice! Daniel's parents just bought a new boat, so we went out on that Saturday & Sunday.  It was a little choppy on Saturday, which made Daniel and I both nervous about the baby.  But everything was OK! 
 We left the river and went straight to my parents for family dinner.  It was yummy to say the least - and it's always nice to see the fam - especially Erik <3!  Isis & Duke love playing outside with the next-door neighbor's dog Bear - they do not leave the fence the whole time.
I got some good ones of Erik too :)  He's getting so big....walking and running around everywhere and talking up a storm.  We can only really understand a few words, but we love hearing him jibberjabber.

We had a great Easter weekend - Can't wait to spend it next year with our new addition to the family!

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