Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're having a.....

Friday April 30th was our 20 week appointment.  We were super excited to find out what we are having....
Daniel and I both didn't care what it was - boy or girl - as long as the baby was healthy.  Daniel really thought it was a boy - and I didn't really have a hunch either way, but I think deep down I figured it probably was going to be a boy as well.  We had our ultrasound first, and of course the tech took all of the measurements before she told us.  Then she looked and confirmed that we were having a baby girl!! Daniel and I both looked at eachother, smiled, and kind of laughed.  Then I of course started crying! We're so excited!  Everything went pretty well, but I need to go back for another ultrasound at 32 weeks - which I'm fine with because I get to see my babygirl one more time in my belly before she comes out!
We made reservations at Brio Tuscan Grille for our family that night.  We wanted to tell everyone at the same time.  Unfortunately, Steve & Steven weren't able to make it to dinner because they had to work (stupid races!).  It was Daniel, my mom & dad, Daniel's mom, Kelli, Chey & Erik.  It worked out neat because my mom had brought a blue bag and a purple bag each with a gift for us.  One for each gender, since she didn't know.  She set out the gift bags and Daniel did a "fake out" like he was going for the blue bag, but then took the purple bag - and everyone flipped! They were so excited! The moms and Kelli all got teary-eyed.  I wouldn't have done it any other way!  Here's a few pictures from dinner - unfortunately, we didn't get any of the group :(  I ended up getting a small dessert, but Erik ended up devouring it - so enjoy!

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