Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Festivities

I'm LATE on blogging...I need to catch up, so there will be a few posts!

Christmas was great this year - great family and friends, food, and drinks! We ate so much food and were very spoiled...stay tuned in a later post (whenever I take pictures of my new Christmas present).  It was lots of fun seeing Erik into his gifts as well - I got some cute pictures of him!
My parents living room tree
My parents den tree
My parents fireplace...where all the stocking are hung!

Erik trying out his new airplane (and loving it) !

The in-laws tree :)
Lover boy <3
My Loves!

Gramps and Erik taking pictures

I asked Zander to take a picture and he posed for me!

I snapped a good one of Jaiden too!

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