Friday, March 28, 2014

Hadleigh is 3 1/2 Years Old!

Hadleigh is almost 4 years old – she’s a little girl. No longer a baby, but of course will always be my baby. It’s sad she can’t stay the small innocent girl who thinks her mama and daddy are great all the time. On the other hand, it’s so exciting seeing her grow into a little girl and learning new things every day.
Hadleigh is still going to school 3 full days a week.  She does a lot better now, in that she doesn't cry most mornings. We still have bad mornings, but it’s so much better than it used to be.  Hadleigh isn't a morning person in general. J She does well at school and participates for the most part.  Her teachers do tell me some days she chooses not to participate in certain things.  Usually it is art/craft time when it’s something she views as “messy” or sometimes even during snack time when they’re offering something she doesn't like. She’s not disruptive (thankfully), she just sits off to the side quietly.  She will also run to the bathroom frequently during the day for her teachers.  They even asked me if she had troubles going to the bathroom – boy she has them fooled.  I cleared that up in saying she’s running to the bathroom to get up from (or out of) whatever they are doing at the moment.  Usually nap time is the culprit. Surprise! She’s so smart and has her mind set on things, that’s for sure.

In regards to learning, here’s a list of things I can come up with off the top of my head.
Counts to 30
Counts to 10 or 20 in Spanish
Knows some of her colors in Spanish
Knows how to verbally spell her name
Can write “H”’s anytime, but is so stubborn to write any other letters (even though we know she can!)
Knows all the months of the year & the year we are in
 Hadleigh is still pretty picky when it comes to eating.  Anything that “looks” funny to her is immediately banished from her plate.  We can get her to eat pineapples, apples, bananas, and watermelon with no problem so those are our go-to’s.  She’s not huge on vegetables, but will eat corn, lettuce, and lima beans. She loves snack foods and has mastered chewing gum!
 She is definitely a girly-girl! Loves to dress-up and play princesses, but then also LOVES books, playing school, and playing doctor.  Playing school / reading books probably tops her list.  It’s so cute to see her “read” the books to us, and then turn the book around to show us the pictures. J  We signed Hadleigh up for gymnastics about a month and a half ago.  After the ballet experience we weren't sure about it, but it has been great! No crying and she is participating! She has a leotard that has pink in it, of course.

Funny Things She has Said:
This one was back in September, but I haven't had an update on her since she's said this...
Hadleigh hadn't been listening and I told her not to try and move the chair, but she moved the chair anyway.
Me: "Hadleigh, what part of 'don't move the chair' did you not understand"
Hadleigh: "mama, we understand. We just don't listen." 

"dummyass dogs" 

We were in a rush one day and we all needed showers & baths.  So, we decided to double up to make things go faster. Hadleigh would shower with Daniel and Hayden with me. No big deal. While Hadleigh is in there with Daniel, she asks, "How long you had that??"
Daniel, a little shocked, responds with, "Had what? My wiener?"
Hadleigh - "Yeah, how long you had that?"
Daniel - "Well...since I was born"  

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  1. That's so funny! What a little sweetie ;)
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