Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hadleigh Randoms

Hadleigh is so fun these days - she's getting even more personality.  She's even becoming a little bossy - ha.  She definitely let's you know what she wants and doesn't want and what she wants you to do.  She takes your hand and says "mon" (short for come on).  She's into shutting doors and opening them, which isn't very fun for mama and daddy.  The other night at dinner, the refrigerator made a noise and she said "daddy poot, ew" haha it was so funny.  

"Cheese" while playing her drum 

Hadleigh and Lily looking at Isis & Duke outside

hilarious. Hadleigh was saying cheese right until I snapped the picture

Putting stickers on her "boo-boos"

Watching "Choo-choo" aka The Number Train

Pool fun!

I can drive my car now!

but I really like playing in Gramps vroom vroom

Fort fun in the living room

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